Our company ERG Muhendislik Otomasyon Elektrik Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., is an engineering company with very high level of knowledge which is making mechanic, electrical and electronic system automation of buildings, establishing building automation systems to ensure that these different systems work together in harmony to ensure safety and comfort by making control of all electromechanical operations from a central place.

While ensuring comfort and safety conditions of plants with the automations systems we are establishing, we also do optimize energy consumption. Considering the high cost of energy, it is a very important added value for the national economy and plant owners that the actual energy need is consumed that is required for heating, cooling and ventilation of the buildings.

With our knowledge and application experience, we have successfully ensured all benefits expected from the automation system in building automation projects mainly consisting of energy consumption, safety and comfort.

Our engineers with high knowledge and practical application experiences are following all developments in technical areas and produce solution complying with customer expectations by analyzing these developments. Our technical staff have always the aim to meet all necessities of the project they are working on and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction. Whatever the purpose is, we are offering any kind of solutions for all buildings that the plant may require from its design stage up to periodical maintenance work after its installation.

We have the power and capability to ensure highest customer satisfaction for complex projects we are undertaking from world leading companies of which we are partners of and of HVAC / Building Automation companies thanks to our hardware and software products as well as our qualified technical staff.

Our Mission;

Our biggest aim is to become a reputable and renowned engineering company that undertakes projects in the inland and abroad with engineers and technical staff to create added value for the country and find innovative solutions.

Our Vision;

- To create strong bonds with our customers and gain their trust,
- To offer perfect solutions meeting customer demands,
- To develop ourselves continuously,
- To be open minded and sensitive to the environment.
Our Values:

* Be honest and reliable.
* To be hard working and efficient.
* To protect customer values such as they are our own values.
* To contribute in country economy.
Johnson Controls
Our company being solution partner and dealer of the World leading brand in HVAC equipments and automations Johnson Controls, uses Johnson Controls products in building management systems and provides turnkey service and makes sales of products. Our company which was established in the year 2009 in order to provide engineering support in field applications of Johnson Controls has become Johnson Controls Building Automation System solution partner ( Authorized Building Control Specialist ABCS) in 2014.

WAGO Elektronik
Our company has become building automation system partner of the German WAGO Electronics company owning a wide range of products like energy tracing SCADA systems, lighting automation and industrial automation systems and flexible communication solutions.